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Excellent addition to Excellent vest

I use this vest for training and cardio outside of work. The vest was great and comfortable for most training applications but would bounce and rub when doing cardio (jogging) in it. I decided to upgrade it with the cummberbund. I have a pretty short torso so the slim version was a great option. Often cummerbunds large enough to accept side plates rub in my armpits. This thing met and exceeded my expectations. The vest is infinitely more comfortable while running and feels more secure during tactical training. This is a no brainer upgrade for you VAS plate carrier.

If only it fit me better.

I bought the Vanquish RS for its quick release and versatile modular platform. I have used Condor products for many years now for both professional and personal use. I liked that the Vanquish armor was low profile and didn't have excessive extra material like some of the previous Condor PC's. However, I didn't like how the LCS material would buldge up and not lay flat at times, also the Cumberbunds only come in one size for the Vanquish RS and I'm not the biggest of guys yet the cumberbunds seem to be almost maxing out when I wear the Carrier. If there were options for cumberbund sizes for a more comfortable fit then I would have given five stars. Overall I like the best But I may have to try the Older Vanquish vest till some size options become available.

Cobra Tactical Belt

Bought this belt to go with the Condor slim battle belt for SWAT. Both are excellent belts for the money! The only reason I gave the Cobra belt 4 stars instead of 5 is there needs to be more Velcro on the end of the belt to fasten it and keep it fastened at the right length. However, I have not had any issues with it staying the right length or in place so far, but I have only used it once at training. I highly recommend this belt! Especially pairing it with any battle belt from Condor. This belt fits true to size. Big fan of Condor products. Made very well and don’t have to take out a loan to afford them.

Nice shirt

Nice shirt, very functional and definitely all weather. Wish it were made elsewhere other than China and would be willing to pay a bit more. Other than that, a good product.

It’s OK

Expected metal zippers, but they are all plastic, which cheapens the quality and appeal. However it is comfortable and functional. I’d be willing to pay more for metal zippers and made in just about any country other than China.

Very well done catalog....Love the design of it, readable, great layout and colors.... and my son, Hans, is a damn stud in it. Lol...

Perfect pouch

Just what I needed and sticks strong to my inner safe door!

Good pouch

This sticks well and looks good in my safe door! I’ve been looking for mag pouches with a velcro backing and these are worth it.

Great heavy duty backpack

Very well thought out pack. Heavy duty quality. The name brand Cordura material is noticable. I think other companies use the 1000d kodra. This pack has milspec water resistant Codura 500d if im not mistaken. I think that makes it lighter but not sure, something to look at. Would highly recommend. The straps, suspension system, and back padding wonderful. Really gets the weight where it needs to be.

Great Belt

Great Belt. Fits like a glove. Takes a while to arrive but it's well worth the wait imo. Condor's customer service is top notch. Belt is great quality for the price.

High quality

Fast and great shipping and would recommend highly to others thinking about ordering very happy customer

Great fit, sturdy MOLLE cuts. Love the modularity of it, can add and remove options as needed easily.

made in usa?

not fond product shipped from china smh

It does the job.

Its a nice, simple light cold weather hoody goes great under a fully loaded plate carrier. Was outside for hours and keeps the cold out really well and never got too hot. Only improvement I would hope for would be sleeve pockets.

A great bag

Very good quality, ample pockets. Nice that it stands up on its own. Velcro interior panels for adding pockets is great

Great Product

What I wanted , worth the money only wish the side panels would accept 8x6 plates

Great sweater

No complaints at all, other than maybe that the grid fleece doesn't cover the entire inside; but I think that may have been designed that way on purpose. It functions well either way. Very warm. I put this under the ELITE hoody and I can walk around in 30 degree weather without a problem.

Great jacket

I love the hoody. Absolutely nothing wrong with it. Simple, effective, clean.

Best Bang For The Buck Carrier

Excellent fit and quality. I was originally going to buy the SKDTac/First Spear SST but this carrier does everything the SST does and more, is substantially less expensive, and includes as standard items you pay extra for with the SST. It also fits SAPI/EASAPI Large plates as well as 10x12 plates (I have both) with very little to no play with the 10x12s when adjusted correctly. For those of you looking at it online, some notes about the colors based on looking at them in person are probably in order. The Coyote Brown color is more muted in person than online. It almost or exactly matches other Coyote Brown items I have form several other manufacturers. The green is absolutely not Ranger Green. It is the brighter shade of green it appears to be online. Pretty worthless colorway unless you’re a LEO and it works with your agency’s uniform. Black is pretty standard black. I only have three qualms about my purchase: 1) I really think it should come with the crest rig buckles as standard but they are cheap enough that I can’t justify any deduction in the rating. 2) Can we please get a version in the grey color (Slate is what I think Condor calls it) in which some other Condor carriers are offered so I can buy a second? 2) It really should be offered in Multicam for those who need it. I understand that it costs more for the materials because of licensing but just make the MC version cost $10-$20 more like everyone else does.

Perfect for my needs

Exactly what I was looking for at a great price. I mounted them to the velcro in my Viktos bag. A little snug with my 15 round mags but surprisingly easy to get them out when needed. I will definitely buy more from Condor

Even better than I expected

I was considering this or a Shellback. I opted for this based on price and the rapid open system. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the PC. It’s lightweight, cooler than I expected, comfortable, and holds my 10x12s with zero movement or shifting of the plates. Personally, I didn’t have to adjust anything as it fit perfectly out of the box. My only qualm is the lack of any kind of MC pattern; for this reason I almost didn’t buy it (deduct 1/2 star)!! I would buy another if a MC option became available. Also, LCS molle doesn’t sit flush on the back plate (deduct 1/2 star). I can see this correcting itself as soon as I mount anything or wear my flatpack.

Perfect for my needs

I mounted them in my Velcro lined rear pocket of my Recon chest rig next to my holstered pistol. They work perfectly. Nicely made! Will accommodate various size mags if I choose to carry a different pistol.

Great product

Great plate carrier regardless of price. It is way more comfortable thelan my shellback banshee. Wore it for 6 hours on the range and it was no problem. The quick disconnect, (which i was worried would feel cheap) are way more robust and stronger than I anticipated. Go ahead and pull the trigger on this bad boy.



Exactly what I wanted

Exactly what I was looking for at a great price. Very adjustable,and very comfortable.
I will definitely be buying more from condor.