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Great Quality

Great Quality; but I under estimated the size for my for daily operation needs.


Condor Elite

Pack is well made..needs more Molle and if we’re larger would be perfect. Make a larger pack with the same quality and you would hit a ho e run as it stands it doesn’t stand out as anything special in this catagory of packs.

This is my Airport travel pack!

I can carry my laptop in a secure and soft area along with everything else I need for a couple days. Fits under the seat on an airplane easy as well. This is also my go bag!

Make it official 😁


EDC Review on the Frontier

I will start off this review by saying that i reallly, really wanted to love this pack. When i first received it, everything about the pack felt amazing. the build quality was great. Or so I thought. I am a Paramedic, so I constantly am taking my pack in and out of the ambulance. We are a street corner posting style system, So I basically live out of this pack for 12hrs. I has enough room for the basic essentials and that’s about it. Perfect as a Day Pack for hiking or a smaller bag to take to work at an office job ect. It fits my 14” laptop, some charging stuff and a few books just fine, but one thing that I noticed that was very odd was no water bottle pouch??? I know this is supposed to be a “tacti-cool” bag but you would thing that they would consider this. But back to the build. I looooved the way this pack felt. I have had it for about 8 months. it’s done well except one flaw... the buckles.. the one on the sturnum strap and the right shoulder strap both have cracked due to stress. Maybe it’s because of the climate i am in, or maybe it was just a faulty batch of plastic. but i would say the plastic started chipping and cracking at around 6mo. of ownership. I still love this back, and wish i could use it. Looks like I will be switching to a different brand until Condor figures out their quality a bit more..


This is my everyday bag and has been for a while. It’s durable! This bag stands up to the beating I give it day after day with minimal wear. Too bad for Condor, I won’t be needing another bag like this one. Good for Condor, any other bag I need will carry their logo. Hats off.

This is a GREAT pack!

Fits all my gear and also in the overhead of a small airplane for travel.

Big enough for 3 days!

This is my grab and go bag for disasters and I also use it for camping and hiking. Has everything I need and the quality will stand up to anything I do.

Great for a go bag

I use this for everyday essentials as well as business.